Taking it to the Street

Ever dreamt of drifting through an industrial area legally? As in closed roads, big crowds and tyre shredding from lane to lane? Well, the team at the Australian Drifting Grand Prix are set to do it as they jump on board with the Quit Targa West to put on an extra special show.

As Targa West launches it’s 13th Tarmac Rally event it will once again see competitors take on some of Western Australia’s greatest roads in a challenging four day event.

Over the last few years the final day of the iconic rally see’s competitors head to Malaga’s industrial estate in the City of Swan, just 11 kilometres outside of the Perth CBD. This mega stage brings a huge number of fans out to see the sites, hear the noise and smell the fuel of the 70+ tarmac rally machines but on this occasion the Sunday morning fans in Malaga will get a little bit more action than normal!

Some of Australia’s best drifters will line up on a section of the 12km stage between Mulgul Rd and Victoria Rd to put on some sideways, tyre smoking action!

“I’ve been a regular Targa competitor over the last 5 or so years and being able to bring both of these awesome motorsports together is unreal” said ADGP Manager Brett Wilkinson.


“It would be a dream come true for the selected group of drifters that are lucky enough to be apart of this exhibition! I hope this is only the beginning of many more exciting opportunities for the sport of drifting and the ADGP Team.”

Quit Targa West fires up on August 10th and runs through to the 13th. Be sure to look out for the smoke, ADGP will be there!


For more information on the 2017 Quit Targa West jump over to their website.

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