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The 2015/16 Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting Grand Prix Season exploded onto the banks of the Calder Park Thunder Dome for the 5th time since it’s inception and in true ADGP fashion the competition was fierce and every driver in the line up came out swinging! It’s was Australian Drifting veteran, Beau “The Show” Yates that stepped up to the plate though and was the last man standing, victorious at “The Dome” for the third time running. ADGP’s Championship Manager, Brett Wilkinson caught up with “The Show” to get the low down.

ADGP: After a solid, yet testing 2014/15 Season, missing Round 3 how does it feel to open the new season with a win?
BY: Missing round 3 last year I think ulimately cost me a top 5 placing which is quiet hard to think about but to come away with the win on the weekend is a very reassuring thing, not only for me but also for my car and its capabilities. I stoved my car into a wall just over a week before the event and we had been spending every waking hour repairing it and getting it ready for round one, this win makes it all worthwhile and sets me up for what I hope can be a great year!

ADGP: It’s been a “Dome” three-peat for you now, is it something about the venue that makes you shine more than others?

The dome has been good to me and I really enjoy the layout. I think the car suits the track and if you can overcome the fact that almost all the clipping point/zones are a concrete wall you’ll do well there. I also believe the layout offers the judges the best perspective, from the tower to Fernando in the middle of the track, if you’re not on point at this track it shows!


ADGP: With a huge number of fresh young talent in the mix, who do you feel is your biggest threat as the season progresses?

BY: I don’t think I could pick one, there are way too many and at the end of the day anyone can take out the win!!! Walking into ADGP and assuming you’re going to win the round, not going to happen. There are way too many good drivers and teams all with the exact same thought and drive.

ADGP: Round 1 sore the bar raised immensely high in terms of the car builds proving the benchmark it often being reset, what does Beau Yates do to stay on the forefront?

BY: The level of cars, drivers and teams at the first round of ADGP is a credit to the series. Personally I feel this season will be by far the most impressive, on track with the level of drifting being shown and off track through the machinery sitting in the pits. I am forever fine tuning the 86 and will continue to do so before the next round, ill be looking at the rear of the car this time and also setting up my new MCA Suspension to perform at its maximum.

ADGP: Round 2 is 10 plus weeks away, do you have a plan set to insure you hold the early lead and how do you prepare for it?

BY: Seat time, ill be trying to get as much of it as possible. There is a lot to be said when it comes to being comfortable behind the wheel and understanding the behaviour of the car. I recently switched over the Achilles radial tyres so I’ll be looking at getting a handle on them and pushing them to their limits before the next round!!



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  1. Herbert Wiehrl

    you’re lucky Beau, that your biggest threat is judging. Hahahahahaha


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